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Accounting Services

We undertake the complete organization and supervision of the accounting issues concerning your company or household, aiming at beneficial decision-taking.  Accuracy and meticulousness remain our first priority when it comes to supervising your accounting data, while we always find the best solutions, that meet your personal or company needs.

Our extensive experience with accounting issues and the knowledge on strategies against potential accounting errors are the factors that make us excel at accounting services.

Finally, it is notable that our office has been cooperating for many years not only with Greek companies and individuals but also with Greeks residing in Europe and the USA.

Additional Services

Establishment of companies, Founding of a partnership, Modification, Dissolution, Merger and Liquidation of companies.
Tax settlement and Audit (Tax Administration, Insurance Funds).
Budgeting, Financial Reports.
Computerized Books of Account, Statements of Account.
Payroll Services.