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Why choose us

Efficiency, professionalism and accuracy play a vital role concerning any successful company or household and thus our office remains your first choice.

Our Story

Our office is located within the town centre of Corfu and has been operating for 16 years (since June, 2002). Before the establishment of our own business, we had been working at one of the greatest accounting offices within Greece, with central offices on Corfu.

We have acquired the knowledge and qualifications concerning accounting and tax issues, while we provide you with guidance and consultancy regarding the development and sustainability of your company.

More specifically, we offer accounting and tax services to companies or individuals, innovative solutions within the framework of consultancy services, while we undertake payroll services and all procedures required for the establishment or modification of a company.

Finally, it is notable that our office has been cooperating for many years not only with Greek companies and individuals but also with Greeks residing in Europe and the USA, since we are familiar with legislations and regulations of these foreign countries, ensuring the complete and successful supervision of the financial data of those people in Greece.

Our Team Members

Vicky Mexa

Accountant-Tax Consultant
We always have sustained contact with our customers, while we try to find the most efficient and beneficial solutions to tax and accounting problems.